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Why are we doing SOOB?

To our eye the Brisbane arts scene is institutionalised and hostile to emerging artists. SOOB is one response ...
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Archimedia collective protagonists David Cox and Molly Hankwitz present Hardly Normal a-go-go in the SOOB Performance Space, Sat December 11th




















Hardly Normal a-go-go

Saturday 11th December, 4pm - 7pm
SOOB Performance Space, 21 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley
Cost: FREE

A psychedelic miasmia, an in-yer-face audiovisual barrage - sound, sight and samples revolving around the ‘pornography of consumption’-the buying, selling, living and dying of the soul in today’s entertainment consumer electronics theme park complex. Archimedia’s “top selling” Molly Hankwitz and David Cox bring laptops to the red light special table...and turn it around with multiple screens and multiple layers of sounds offering an offer too good to refuse ... its the Hardly Normal A Go-go.

FEATURING: Molly Hankwitz and David Cox (archimedia)

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