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is an event dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane and Australia's independent cultural production. It emerged from a community of local artists in 2002.

SOOB 2006: what & where

SOOB 2006 runs August 15-20 in independent venues in and around Brisbane's Fortitude Valley ...
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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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SOOB is proud to present the premiere of Ministry of Truth, launching at The Globe Theatre Wed 16 Aug, 8pm-10pm.


OBSESSOSAURUS new media , screen
Wed 16 Aug 8:00pm – 10:00pm :: The Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St, Valley

Obsessive compulsive all-sorts.... a jumbled booty of edits pillaged from the colonies of ADD artists international. Inspired by US political policies, game-boy hacks, bad porn, chimps on skateboards and audiovisual feedback.

Featuring: Katie Bush, Kenneth Hung, Emile Zile, Paul Robertson, Oculart, Wayne Nelson, Soda_jerk, Spat + Loogie, Sean Healy, Luke Illett, Botborg, Van Sowerine, Polymptics and more!

*Warning may contain spoilers* new media , screen
Wed 8:00pm – 10:00pm :: The Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St, Valley

Welcome to the world of fan MV’s - videos sampling television soaps to celebrate storylines, character and fictional possibilities. In particular, this screening showcases videos that combine improbable pairings and wishful thinking.

Featuring: Tara Pattenden, Henry Collins, James V/VM, and members of the Neighbors fan MV forum.

*Visual corecore stupidcore* new media , screen
Wed 16 Aug 8:00pm – 10:00pm :: The Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St, Valley


A collection of videos that experiment with audiovisual symbiosis, cutup narrative, absurd juxtapositions and reinterpretations of commercial video devices. Videos that make people laugh, fall over or mess with their brains. Keepin’ it nasty.

Featuring: Gabi Dworecki aka Duodroume, Tara Pattenden, Judith Priest, Paper Rad, Jelle Crama, Jud Jowers, Iko and more!

The Ministry Of Truth new media , screen
Wed 16 Aug 8:00pm – 10:00pm :: The Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St, Valley

Like a hair ball stuck in the throat of the corporate media, the Ministry coughs up two new episodes of alternative television. Be among the first to catch our new hour of subversive TV comprised of entirely contrasting segments no longer than 5 minutes each. Diverse, slick, DIY media produced without the artifice of the 20th Century mediasphere. The Ministry Of Truth says: KILL YOUR TELEVISION. The Ministry of Truth is a libertine collective of over 50 media makers agressively broadcasting from the Australian underground. We bring you attention deficit television across all platforms - free to air, web channel, mobile, download, DVD and file share. The Ministry reveals media’s banality by subverting the genre, serving up a chaotic blend of contrasting viewpoints and shying away from television that tastes as bland as a hospital dinner.

Featuring: The Ministry Of Truth

The Ministry of Truth is supported by the Brisbane City Council's Creative Sparks grant program


OF THE OCCULT music, screen, religion
7:00pm – 9:00pm :: The Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St, Valley
Presented by OtherFilm, Alternative Expressions of the Numinous and SOOB

An offering of celluloid adventures into witchcraft, ritual and the awaiting inferno. Presented on 16mm from the comfort of your seat at the Globe Theatre. Presented by SOOB and Otherfilm to as a warm-up to their audacious and awesome Beamthon that Thursday night, and in conjunction with the Alternative Expressions Of The Numinous conference.

Featuring: Religious Evils: Haxan Witchcraft Through The Ages ( Denmark), L’Inferno (Dante’s Inferno) ( Italy) with live soundtrack from Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood, The Magick Lantern Cycle: Invocation of My Demon Brother (USA).


European Social Centres ideas , screen
1:00pm – 1:45pm :: SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann St, Valley

Canmasdeu: ‘Rurban’ squatted social centre on the outskirts of Barcelona, bringing ideas, skills and technology from the countryside\ into the city (28 min, 2004).

Aspire: Temporary squatted social centre in Leeds England December 2003 (12 min, 2004).

A Winter Walk Through Christiania: A quiet stroll through the infamous squatted town in Copenhagen; followed by a raid from the Danish police (6 min, 2004).

Hosted by Darren from Direct Action Against Apathy ( Belfast)

BEAMATHON screen , music
7:30pm – Midnight :: Jugglers Art Space, 103 Brunswick St, Valley

Presented by OtherFilm and SOOB

Beamathon is a glorious night of audio visual experimenta, featuring dotmatrix-printer maven Sue Harding, Sydney noise-makers extraordinaire Castings, celluloid installations and classic expanded cinema re-enactments, a free-wheeling sight-and-sound orchestra The Eye and Ear Ensemble, and a dizzying array of projections on an inflatable screen.

Featuring: Sue Harding (Wagga Wagga), Castings ( Sydney), EEE (ear eye ensemble), Watthouse, Tina Blakeney, Danni Zuvela, Point Source, Smock Party, Return Of The Projector Spawn.


Master Bedroom Session 5 with Sue Harding music, screen
Sun 20 Aug 12pm - 1pm :: Visible Ink, 54 Berwick St, Valley

Composing for dot matrix printers and other redundant technologies. Sue Harding will look at some of the more obscure ways to extract a sound from your curb-side collection.

Featuring: Sue Harding

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