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SOOB 2006: Saturday 19 August

Straight Out of Brisbane

is an event dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane and Australia's independent cultural production. It emerged from a community of local artists in 2002.

SOOB 2006: what & where

SOOB 2006 runs August 15-20 in independent venues in and around Brisbane's Fortitude Valley ...
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The artists, workers and volunteers of this festival

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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Sat 19 Aug 8am - 4pm :: Jugglers Art Space, 103 Brunswick St, Valley


SOOB and Jugglers Art Space combine forces to host a weekend market day, whereby independent emerging artists, zine makers and the like can exhibit and sell their wares in a friendly environment. SOOB and Jugglers invite prospective stallholders to contact Abby Whittaker on 0407 594 575 or [email protected] Twenty tables will be allocated aside
for market day, at a cost of $20 per stall (cash only).

THE CELL new media
Tue 15 – Mon 21 Aug :: 11 am – 6pm :: The White House, 358 George St, City


The Cell is The White House’s Official Curiosity Bunker. We stock all manner of unreasonable and un-collectable cultural oddities, bizarreties, exclusive exoticisms, and artistic legacies: artists’ work, rare and limited release records, CDs, DVDs + publications, comix, toys, fetishistic objectettes d’art. Ye shall find works made by artists who have featured in White House shows, as well as by White House allies over the globe. Our bodacious booty includes specimens from agents such as: David Spooner, Alice Lang, Haphazardous Waste, Soda_Jerk, Kenneth Hung, Keiko Mayata, Barrage, Toxic Lipstick, The Sewing Circle Mentality, Scraps, Botborg, Feral Media, Guy 7U? and m....o...r...e!!!! Enter and Fear Not. SPECIAL SOOB SPECIALS APPLY!!!!

Wed – Sat 4 – 25 August :: 11 am – 5pm :: Black Lab Gallery, 139 Warry St, Valley

This solo exhibition continues Adelaide-raised, Melbourne-based artist James Dodd’s explorations of text, advertising, urban culture and stencil medium. This body of work is somewhat a show of essence; references resolved to become only a small number of visual elements. Dodd has used this restriction to create paintings, which are powerful both individually and as a group. The show consists of paintings executed in fluorescent sunset colours and black, echoing the palette of rock’n’roll bill posters. The text depicts images of Australian social history, international politics and rock’n’roll. The punk, horror font employed by the artist also gives a sense of the words being scrawled loosely, as if found on a toilet door or sprayed in social disdain on some mildly public corner. The dense install of the work creates a sense of immersion, a warm glow belying the dark nature and nasty accusations of the writing on the wall.

Featuring: James Dodd

Wed – Sat 4 – 25 Aug :: 9am – 5pm :: Jugglers Art Space, 103 Brunswick St , Valley
Presented by Jugglers Art Space and SOOB

Straight Out Of Brisbane and Jugglers Art Space join forces to curate a month-long exhibition featuring some of Brisbane’s most outstanding visual artists.

RECTANGULAR WORDS words , visual arts
Wed – Sat 16 – 20 Aug :: 9am – 5pm :: Juggler’s Art Space, 103 Brunswick St , Valley

Rectangular Words is a photographic display of Brisbane words that we all pass by each day, but perhaps do not notice or see view poetically. Jerry has photographed graffiti, bus poetry, cemented sentences, public art signs, stencil art and other words around Brisbane. Together these photographs create a Brisbane story, with the wider populace adding the sentences to complete the story.

SOOB LIBRARY Book Exchange words
Ongoing project :: 9am – 5pm :: Juggler’s Art Space, 103 Brunswick St, Valley ... and ...
12 noon – 5pm :: Visible Ink, 54 Berwick St, Valley


SOOB Library is a project we hope will continue long after SOOB 2006, and will become part of the fabric of the Brisbane writing scene. We simply ask everyone to bring along an old book they have loved reading and would like to share with others, or to come and choose a book from our library. SOOB will stamp the book with our library stamp so that we know it is part of our collection. The books you contribute and the books already in our collection will be on the SOOB Library shelves at Jugglers Art Space for the duration of the SOOB visual arts exhibition. Come in, choose a book, write your name in the front and when you’ve finished reading it drop it at one of the SOOB Library branches. Keep picking up or adding new books to our library at one of the many branches – each time you read one be sure to put your name in the front, then the book will contain another story about those who have read it. If you’d like to create a book club with others who have read the book write your email address in the front too!

CCN not CNN ideas
Sat 19 Aug 12:00pm – 12:45pm :: SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann St, Valley
Presented by 4ZZZ FM and SOOB

Imminent Federal cross-media ownership laws could mean one media-mogul can own newspapers, TV and radio stations all in the same city, so local ratbags 4ZzZfm have adopted the attitude “if you can’t beat them, join them!” Hail the launch of Brisbane’s first Convergent Community NewsRoom (CCN), established to produce content accessible online, via radio and on TV. The first project of is kind in this ‘one paper town’, be part of the initial phase of the project and have your say on where the cameras should point.

Featuring: Giordana Caputo, Lucas Moore, Barry Saunders.

Master Bedroom Session 3 with Kenneth Hung new media
Sat 19 Aug 12:00pm – 1:00pm :: Visible Ink, 54 Berwick St, Valley

Join US artist Kenneth Hung as he takes you through some of the lesser known, cheekier back-doors to digital design. All layers fondled. No filter left unturned, no vector left unsplayed.

Featuring: Kenneth Hung

Media Futures ideas
Sat 19 Aug 1:00pm – 2:30pm :: SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann St, Valley

What are the pros and pitfalls of the impact of digital technologies on the production, distribution and regulation of media? Who is leading the torrent of online content? How are traditional broadcasters responding? What does this mean for authenticity of news media? Will we still have Desperate Housewives?

Featuring: Andy Nehl, Brian Fitzgerald, Axel Bruns, Sarah-Jane Woulahan (chair)

Master Bedroom Session 4 with Kevin Blechdom music
1:30pm – 2:30pm :: Visible Ink, 54 Berwick Street, Fortitude Valley


Banjos. Max/MSP. Songs about donuts. Kevin Blechdom and you will look at how digital music software can be used for more than beeps and squawks. We’ll make some sounds, write a song, break it apart, put it back together again.

Featuring: Kevin Blechdom

Float Like a Sprocket , Sting Like A Bit ideas , new media
Sat 19 Aug 3:00pm – 4:30pm :: SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann St, Valley

Tournament of the Tools pre-match press-conference! Lo-fi vs Hi-fi wordz showdown! Team manifestos manifest hopefully only marginally violent debate. No buzzers – all yelling! Who wins? You choose!

Featuring: Lo-fi - Ross Manning, Laura Hill and team member. Hi-fi – Luke Ilett, Patrick King and team member. Debate-master - David Campbell.

Zippers, Threads and Bread & Butter fashion
3:00pm – 4:00pm :: Visible Ink, 54 Berwick St, Valley

Zippers, threads and bread & butter is a discussion of practical tips to help you start out and succeed in the fashion industry. Join Limedrop design duo Clea Garrick and Nathan Price as they talk about their experiences and iron out the creases in your career plan paths in fashion.

Featuring: Clea Garrick, Nathan Price

Second Inaugural Great Ideas Rant -Off & CRANE PORTRAITURE JUDGING ideas, visual arts
Sat 19 Aug 5:00 – 6:00pm :: SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann St, Valley

Speakers OUT, Ranters IN. Got lip? Join the official closing of SOOB Ideas ’06 with an open-mic rant-off. Got any pet hate, an intellectual itch to scratch, a love to declare or any political stance whatsoever? SOOB Ideas takes no responsibility for spikey language or spittle.

Featuring: Judges - Di Ball, Andy Nehl, Lucas Abela. Participants – you!

7:00pm – Late :: The Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St, Valley

What does “folk” music mean in the 21st century? Is it an attitude, an archival process, a form of expression? We don’t suppose to have all the answers, but we’ve brought along some of the finest singer/songwriters in the contemporary sphere to give you all the evidence to make up your own mind. From Holly Throsby’s “Raymond Carver-esque” lyrics to Novi Split’s “Refreshingly honest and unpretentious” approach, witness the simple, vital art of the song in the beautiful surrounds of The Globe theatre.

Featuring: Holly Throsby (Sydney), Novi Split (USA), Laura Jean (Melbourne), Kes (Melbourne), The Understudy (Newcastle), Ben Thompson, The Ambitious Lovers, Shiver like Timber.

SOOB Metal music
7:30pm – Late :: Her Majesty’s Bar, 171 Queen Street Mall, City

Heavy, heavy dark overtones from some of Brisbane’s most ominous metal bands – be prepared!

Featuring: State Of Integrity, Preference, Lynchmada, Apex Null, Function Cease

8pm – Late :: The Troubadour, Brunswick St Mall
Contact The Troubadour or check the SOOB website for pricing details

FourPlay’s live shows are unlike any other string quartet in the world. The energy and sound created is more like that of a rock band, as is their onstage presentation and banter. FourPlay’s repertoire includes covers of diverse artists such as the Beastie Boys, Jeff Buckley, Depeche Mode, Charles Mingus, Radiohead and The Strokes, and their own originals, inspired by wide array of diverse music such as rock, dub, folk, gypsy, klezmer, electronica, post-rock, jazz and improv.

SOOBercise music , performance
8:00pm – Late :: SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann St, Valley
$12/10 (includes entry to DJ Junk)

An extravaganza of synths, beats, twangs and performance. Flex those abs! Work those SOOBs!

Featuring: Kevin Blechdom (Berlin/USA), Naked On The Vague (Sydney), Molliger, The Fancy Boys (France), Miss Memory ( Sydney), Anal Cookie, DJs Dead Man Talking and Neko (Black Fag), DJ Junk dance performance.

NEW ROYAL performance
Wed 9 – Sat 26 Aug :: 8pm :: Metro Arts, Sue Benner Theatre, 109 Edward St, City

$18 / $12

In Paris (where it premiéred, as Nouvelle Redevance, at the Plaza de la Reine), this black-comic diamond has been acclaimed for introducing one of the most charismatic and resourceful heroines of the contemporary European stage. Aspiring designer and resident alien, Hera leads the audience through her bizarre arrangement with a media magnate as she learns the game - as played by a new global elite - of unlimited credit, polyvalent sex and impeccable architecture. Three of Australia’s brightest young talents combine to bring Marcel Dorney’s script - described by Le Monde as ‘sheer blue steel’ - to le théâtre Anglophone, directed by the author in his own translation.

Written and Direccted by : Marcel Dorney. Featuring: Louise Brehmer, Jonathan Brand, Lucas Stibbard. Designed by: Kirsty Volz. Sound designed by Lloyd Barrett. Score composed and performed by: Dani Kirby and Lloyd Barrett.

DJ JUNK performance
Sat 19 Aug 9:00pm – 9:15pm :: SOOB Festival Club, 610 Ann Street, Valley

Presented by Claire Marshall, Sofie Liozou and SOOB
$12 / 10 (includes entry to SOOBercise)

Set to live tracks by Sydney DJ and electronica producer Sofie Liozou, DJ Junk is a thematic movement piece exploring DJ worship, club culture, and Brisbane Valley trash-ets that spend more time in the DJ booth than on the dance floor! DJ Junk features 6-8 dancers. Choreography and costumes by Claire Marshall.

Chromophonozone new media, visual arts, music
9:00pm – 11:00pm - Don’t Tell Mama, next to The Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick St, Valley

Presented by Manhua Wonderlands, the Multimedia Art Asia-Pacific festival, The Australia Council for the Arts, State Library of Queensland, Arts Queensland, FYA, Madman Entertainment and SOOB

Exploring the boundaries between character role-playing, violence and ritual, artist Jemima Wyman takes over a room in Don’t Tell Mama karaoke lounge for a night of experi-MENTAL karaoke video screenings, performances in haute-couture balaclavas, and crazed krumping.,

Featuring: Jemima Wyman, Thea Baumann.

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