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Straight Out of Brisbane

is an event dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane and Australia's independent cultural production. It emerged from a community of local artists in 2002.

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SOOB 2006 runs August 15-20 in independent venues in and around Brisbane's Fortitude Valley ...
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Major Sponsors

The artists, workers and volunteers of this festival

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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Does Anyone Know A Union Member, SOOB Festival Club 2004
Audiences take time out to debate after SOOB 2004's "Does Anyone Know A Union Member" panel discussion. 2004 SOOB festival club.

How do we fund SOOB?

SOOB is an artist-run initiative that generates the majority of its annual budget through ticket and beverage revenue at our shows.

In 2004 it cost more than $160,000 in cash (not counting nearly $100,000 in in-kind sponsorship for things like projectors and venue hire) to produce Straight Out of Brisbane. The majority of that money was raised from our audiences through ticket revenue and beverage sales at the festival. Our major financial supporters are therefore the audiences who come to our shows (the vast majority of whom are themselves young artists and creative workers).

The other primary source of SOOB's support remains the volunteer labour of the many hundreds of artists and creative workers who contribute to the festival's success each year. That's why "The artists, workers and volunteers of this festival" are listed as THE major sponsors of SOOB on the sponsors' column to your left.

The incredible altruism of SOOB's many volunteers extends from the full-time workers on SOOB's management committee who receive only a small stipend for their year-round, 50 hr/wk efforts, through the technical and production staff who work for a fraction of industry rates, to the artists of SOOB themselves, many of whom work for months to exhibit and show work at the festival for free.

SOOB also receives substantial in-kind sponsorship and support from other Brisbane venues, businesses and arts organisations. We receive grant funding from the Australian and Queensland Governments and the Brisbane City Council.

SOOB is very proud of the support we attract from the south-east Queensland community, and we would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this year's festival a reality.

More on SOOB's grant funding

Because we believe we have a valuable contribution to make to the Queensland creative industries and artistic community, SOOB applies for (and sometimes receives) project funding for the festival each year. This grant writing process is an onerous and time-consuming task which takes up large amounts of the SOOB management team's time.

In 2005 , SOOB received nearly $60,000 in grant funding: $49,000 from an Arts Queensland major grant and $10,000 from the Brisbane City Council through its cultural policy unit. SOOB also received substantial in-kind support from the Brisbane City Council, particularly through subsidised rent of our offices at the BCC's Visible Ink youth space in Fortitude Valley and in-kind support such as PA hire from the BCC's City Events unit. We have also successfully applied to the Australia Council's Inter-Arts Office for $24,000 funding for new media and hybrid aspects of the 2006 festival.

All of these grants that SOOB has received have been one-off project grants. SOOB receives no ongoing program or organisational funding of any kind, and has essentially no security of funding.

Where the money goes

A lot of SOOB's budget is spent on the production of the festival: venue lease and hire, venue fit-out, public liability insurance, sound and lighting hire, electricals and plumbing, hardware, as well as production staff to run our various spaces.

The next largest amount of SOOB's grant funding is spent on artists' fees and programming costs, such as airfares for interstate and regional artists travelling to speak and present at the festival, and fees for many local artists, musicians and speakers. Unfortunately, we do not have enough money to pay all the artists who appear at the festival.

A third major part of SOOB's budget is spent on marketing and promoting the program, including the printing of the program itself, street press advertising, posters, handbills and the like.

Only a small proportion of SOOB's budget is spent on wages for its organisers. So far, SOOB has never been able to afford to pay a full-time worker.

SOOB is one of the few organisations in Queensland that directly commissions new work and performances from independent and emerging Queensland artists, and the festival makes a considerable positive impact on the local independent arts scene. Since 2002, the SOOB organisation has injected more than $150,000 into south-east Queensland's independent creative sector.

Again, SOOB would like to acknowledge and thank our grant funders at Arts Queensland, the Australia Council and the Brisbane City Council for their support in 2004.





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